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How to Create Worlds with Game Design

  In an interactive round, the participants report back what motivates them in games: entertainment, competition, fun, and learning are important factors. Robert Maciejewski explains that chess is also so popular because it allows players to try out their strategies. Learn how to get better tactically without battle and soldiers. Digital media allow us to […]

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Design And Art: The Difference

Art does not necessarily serve a purpose and is intended to express the feelings of the artist. Design should always fulfill a specific purpose, for example, make a product more user-friendly. Visual arts Painting (oil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, fresco) Graphics (drawings, lithographs, etchings, copper engravings) Plastic (Applying) Sculpture (eroding) Relief Object art Installation (room) Environments […]

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How to Use Shapes in Design

If design language is something completely new for you, you should first take note on how other artists use shapes. Check sites for inspiration, and break down the compositions you like into simple shapes. Think about which shapes seem to be the most noticeable or common and why. Unless you’re aiming for strong minimalism, your […]

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