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One of the most common ways to display art is through a photo collage. This can be done in either digital or physical form. To make a digital photo collage, you will need access to at least two pieces of software: Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop.

Deciding on the Software You’ll Use

Both programs are available for free online and take just minutes to set up.

You can also use other software such as Gimp, which is an open source alternative to Photoshop that has some features that PowerPoint doesn’t have.

What’s going to be the Layout?

The first thing you will want to do is decide on the layout of your photo collage. This can be done by sketching out what you want your image to look like on paper or even just by thinking about how you want it to look when finished. You can then start deciding on which images will go where and what size they should be in relation to each other; this process is similar for both software packages mentioned above.

Next, you will import your images into your chosen software package and begin editing them individually. After doing so, you’ll want to assemble them into the final product and export it onto your desired format.