Chandelier Art & Design: Illuminating Your Space with Style

Chandeliers are as old as civilization itself and have always been associated with extravagant life and good taste. These lighting fixtures have improved over time and now represent art pieces that can change any building’s interior. Nowadays, chandeliers are no longer meant for illumination or lighting alone, rather they serve as a decorative item that embellishes the surrounding environment or in a room, in particular.

On the other hand, many artists and designers are experimenting with Seus Lighting chandeliers by coming up with exceptional and aesthetically appealing designs that serve more than just artistic purposes. The chandeliers come in modern traditional, classical, and classical to contemporary designs.

Nowadays, chandeliers have gone beyond their traditional use of crystal and glass, as they can also be created from other materials like metal, wood, or paper.

Origins and Early Designs

The history of chandeliers has spanned decades and progressed towards development. First of all, the initial chandeliers consisted of wooden crosses decorated with candles and they were meant for lighting in the church and Cathedral times of the Middle Ages. With the advancement of technology, however, these chandeliers became very large, with graceful curves and iron arms that supported numerous light tips.

One of the earliest chandeliers discovered is that which were recovered from the town of Pompeii, the Roman town that was destroyed when Mt. Vesuvius blew up in 79 A.D. This chandelier was purely made out of bronze, and it hosted.

Modern and Contemporary Styles

Presently, there are several types of chandeliers including the traditional crystal chandeliers as well as modern and contemporary styles. While most modern chandelier design features a minimalist approach of clean lines and simple forms, some contemporary chandelier design may be abstract or even artistic in some cases.

Contemporary chandelier uses traditional materials like crystal and glass as well as other non-traditional materials such as plastic, paper, and recyclable materials. The chandelier designs have also been made with more energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED lighting technology.

In general, the development of chandeliers shows their everlasting attractiveness. A chandelier gives either an ancient look or can fit perfectly even in contemporary surrounding.