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If you’re a print collector and have prints that are on the walls, aren’t they a pain to change every time you put up new art? What if you could display your prints in a way that was more efficient and easier to change?

Hang or Mount, Your Choice

One of the ways is by hanging them on the wall horizontally. This will allow for easy access to both sides of your art. Another option is to mount them on the wall with an adhesive.

These methods can be used for all types of prints, not just fine art. The key is figuring out what works best for each individual piece.

Why don’t You just Frame it?

Another option would be to simply frame it so that it doesn’t hang on the wall at all. By framing your pieces, you protect it from being damaged and also from fading over time. Framing allows you to focus on one particular artwork while still finding it easily accessible when you need it.