4 Color Copiers Ideal for Graphic Designers

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Graphics professionals often work in the printing and graphics industries. Due to the nature of their work, they require high-quality color copiers for their graphic design and printing projects. This also makes a copier service very important in their profession. The best color copiers for graphics professionals combine black and white and color copying, printing, scanning, faxing, and other functions in one device.

One of the best color copiers for graphics professionals is the Xerox Color 550/560. This machine can print, copy, fax and scan, and it can handle a monthly volume of 50,000 pages. For graphic professionals working on brochures, presentations, newsletters, photo applications, and related projects, this copier offers finishing options, such as perforating, stapling, folding, and booklet making. It can also scan your documents directly to a PC or email and has USB capabilities.

Xerox Color 550/560

The Xerox Color 550/560 can also print postcards and posters with both coated and uncoated paper. It features integrated security, such as an encrypted scan to email, IPv6 support, IP filtering, secure printing, and other features.

Canon Color Photo Runner C1022

For graphic professionals working in small and medium-sized enterprises, one of the best color copiers is the Canon Color Photo Runner C1022. This machine has the ability to copy, scan, fax, print, send and scan to USB. This color copier can print and scan up to 22 pages per minute, and it produces accurate gradients and high-quality color prints with an oil-free toner. The Canon Colour Photo Runner C1022 also features pure black color technology, which prints documents with great brightness with the black toner rather than combining CMYK colors.

Graphics professionals can save their scanned document as a TIFF, JPEG, or PDF using the “Scan to USB” memory feature. You can also save your document to an SD, Compact Flash, or MMC media card.


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HP LaserJet M4345x Multifunction Copier and Printer

Graphics professionals in small businesses who want a high-quality, professional color copier without paying high fees should consider the HP LaserJet M4345x. This machine prints and copies up to 45 pages per minute. It offers rich color scans, and it can handle complex documents that contain both text and photos. For graphics professionals who need to scan multiple pages at once, the HP LaserJet M4345x offers a 50-sheet automatic document feeder, allowing you to copy and scan your documents without the need to constantly reload. This copier also has security features, including IPv6 and network authentication.

Samsung Color Multifunction Printer Copier and Printer ( CLX – 6220FX ) on Twitter

Freelance graphics professionals who can’t afford higher-end color copiers might consider the Samsung Multifunction Color Copier and printer CLX – 6220FX. This machine has the ability to print, copy, scan, and fax documents and projects. This high-speed printer and copier can print high-resolution documents of 9600 x 600 dpi. It also features a high glossy feature, which allows graphic professionals to easily present their designs to their clients. The Samsung Color, Multifunctional Color Copier, and printer CLX – 6220FX are also network-ready out of the box. It features IPv6 support, and it can be easily integrated with the other computers in an office.

Copy functions on this machine are clone copy, double-sided copying, poster copy, multi-copy up to 99 pages, 4 copies up, and up to 21 copies per minute. Graphics professionals also have the ability to scan their documents to a USB, FTP, network, email, and SMB.