7 Types of Ideal Designers in the Social Media Marketing Age

Graphic Designer


For the first time, the Institute for Social Media Strategy is conducting open recruitment of professional personnel. In fact, the institute has recruited people in two ways: as a resource and as a recommendation. This time, we wanted to create a relationship with a designer who is particularly suitable for the social media era. You can start a good relationship this way, right? It’s like having a great relationship with the best SMM panel.

Today, in general, desired designers in the business field can roughly be divided into these 7 types.

1. Designers interested in visual communication

The Institute for Social Media Strategy is openly seeking designers interested in visual communication in the social media space. I would like to recruit someone who understands content planning well and is interested in visual design for communication that fits the nature of social media as a [professional contractor] designer. Find a designer who will be more concerned about creating a communicative image than creating a pretty one. I want to extend my contract for a long time.

2. Designers with a content planner mindset

In the age of social media, the image itself is very important. It’s also a world where images themselves become content. So when designing an image, I want you to be the one who works with the content planner mindset. Passive designers who only design the designs required by the planners or design according to the boss style can click Ctrl+W. If you’re a designer who is springing up with ideas on your own, we encourage you to spread your ideas to the fullest.

3. Designers interested in funny and entertaining content

Design around social media content should be fun at first. We are burdened by those who will concentrate on the work of the century with a sad heart, and eyes full of excellence. I want you to be a designer who understands popular code. It’s better if you’re an inverted designer who knows how to play a little bit.


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4. Designers who can create a cartoon with a pen if he looks at a white paper

You don’t have to open Photoshop on your computer and have a mouse or tablet to do the design work. If you look at a white bell or a handful of people, I would like to be a designer who can doodle with a pen. I wish I was a pretty designer with handwriting, if not calligraphy. In the world of social media, it’s better to smell analogs. Let’s draw a funny picture of us.

5. Is your major important? Is it advantageous if you have a lot of experience?

School grades do not determine design skills. However, I would like you to apply from those who are about to graduate, who have graduated this year, or who have worked in design for less than 2 years. Those of you who are too adapted to social organizations find it a little difficult. They want to work in a new way. I’m not sure what it will be, but I hope it’s not as stereotypical a way of working as it is now.

6. Facebook or social media designers

WhatsApp is a little struggling. Katok is also a bit vague. I hope you are interested in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, etc. Editorial design should of course be of interest ~ If you do a good job of typo design, I would really appreciate it. You can work on Facebook and have the sense to turn other people’s ideas into your own. Maybe you’re using a smartphone, right?

7. Designers who can explain their design to themselves

If you’re a designer who says “it’s pretty” or “you shouldn’t do that” after you’ve finished designing, it should be a communicative design. A design that resonates even if it’s a little unpretty, even if it’s crude, is even more important. The color scheme is too progressive, but it should be. Don’t just show me what you designed and ask, “How about this?” It would be great if you could explain your design.