sitting in a tree is the result of a girl with big dreams of making the world a more beautiful place one celebration at a time. dreams of a world where celebrations, weddings, itty bitty details and interior design all collide in a perfect universe. after planning one wedding she knew she had found her calling and sitting in a tree was born in southern california. since then we've planned weddings near and far- from california to abroad for all sorts of amazing clients.

(and p.s.- you usually become our friend along the way.)

our team consists of the best gals in the west with years of experience creating the best events around.  we are a group of designers, planners, and stylists with an eye for all things pretty.



tori is our gal that started this all.  she believes that more is more and that events all start with great design and a whole lotta love.  this girl has some serious wanderlust and a love of the california sun.  with a background in interior design, she's our creative heart and soul.  



aly is our gal with the green thumb and an adventurer's heart.  she loves any reason to throw a soiree and is an eternal optimist always ready with a smile.  they don't come sweeter than this girl.



jamie is a colorado girl with a southern california heart. her baby girl, the color pink and palm trees are tops on her list.  she's got a serious passion for planning and an eye for the details. jamie keeps us on track around here. 

we believe...

that beautiful celebrations make the world a better place.
that white is a color. a very good color.
that creativity has no limit.
that some sparkle and shimmer might just make your guests smile. 
that good design is essential. for us, it's a lifestyle. 
that sunshine makes the world go around. 
that breaking the rules is a-ok. especially on your wedding day. 
that a little sand between the toes and a cocktail might just fix everything.
that if you want to have your dog, zebra, or horse at your wedding, you should.
that a good wedding planner, an amazing photographer, and a rocking dance party are key to marital bliss. 
that personality trumps tradition. any day. so make it your own. 
that your wedding day should be unique to you. and we know just how to make it that way.